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About the Artist

Lachlan "Marachi" Pierce (@marachistudios) is a nonbinary and neurodivergent illustrator and comic artist born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Some of their dubious earned titles include bari saxophonist, casual go-outsider, tea enthusiast, cooking experimentalist, and World’s Okayest Dungeon Master. When not drawing or peddling wares in an artist alley, they compose wind band music for school and professional ensembles alike.


Year of the Marachi , Lachaln's long-run graphic novel series, is a passion project decades in the making and is their first comic project - hopefully the first out of many.

Lachlan and their spouse Nicholas live in the Colorado Rockies. They have an anxious but sweet husky mix named Balto and a shiba inu prone to crime named Morgana. 


What sets my art apart?

I like to utilize a fairly unique line and colouring style not commonly seen in artist alleys as well as create very detailed work, seen best in my prints and my enamel pins. The majority of my art is original (not fan art) with 60+ enamel pin designs, several foil stamped prints, stickers, standees, books of my webcomic, and more. I also do not make NFTs or use AI art generation in my work - all of it is freehanded and transformative in my own unique style. 

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